CAR-T Technology


-Istituto Nazionale Tumori-

Patent related to the use of the anti-folate receptor variable antibody part in the creation of CAR.

Composing and methods for Treating Cancer

A share of ownership equal to 20% in Patent No. 13/979,927 was recognized to the INT in 2016. The patent, titled “Composing and methods for Treating Cancer” was filed by the University of Pennsylvania on the use of the variable anti- antibodyfolate receptor, of INT invention, in the creation of CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor).

CAR molecule

Immunotherapy is now one of the most innovative strategies in the search for new instruments to fight cancer. One of the most sophisticated approaches in this field is therapy with T cells, powerful cytotoxic cells of the immune system, expressing the CAR molecule.

Through sophisticated techniques of genetic bioengineering, the introduction within the genetic code of the T lymphocytes of the gene that encodes for a CAR makes them able to recognize, through an antibody receptor, a molecule expressed on the surface of the cancer cell and to activate recognizing it as a target to be attacked and killed.

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