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The Fondazione per l’innovazione ed il trasferimento tecnologico (Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer – FITT) is a private law Foundation established by Arexpo S.p.A. and by the IRCCS Cà Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, IRCCS San Matteo, IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta and IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Studio e cura Tumori Foundations, with the aim of managing and accelerating the processes of exploiting the results of the research activities of its members through the relative transfer through licensing and collaboration agreements with companies in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device sectors or through the creation of new entrepreneurial initiatives.

At its meeting on 21 April, the Board of Directors resolved on the above selection.


Place of work:



1.    Description of post

The Director General reports directly to the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The figure will be responsible for defining the organisational structure of the Foundation, outlining its strategy and developing its full operations, in order to achieve concrete objectives of economic and social impact through processes of promotion of the innovation generated within the research and clinical care activities of its members.


2.    Activities

The Director General will be responsible for defining, organising and managing the Foundation’s organisational structure, in accordance with the provisions of the strategic plan approved by the Board of Directors, and the resulting specific management objectives. The Director General will be responsible for the ordinary activities of the Foundation, the operational liaison with the Foundation’s members, the structuring and management of internal processes, the implementation of procedures, as well as the preparation of the annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors. The Director General is responsible for the Foundation’s staff, organisation and management. The Director General shall also, also from a legal stance and consequent agreements, identify the processes that will enable the Foundation to carry out technology transfer operations of intellectual property for its Members, their researchers and clinicians, or third parties.


3.    Prerequisites

Applicants may participate in this selection process if, at the time of submitting the application, they meet the following requirements:

General requirements:

  • Italian citizenship, without prejudice to the equivalencies established by the laws in force, citizenship of one of the countries of the European Union or citizenship of other foreign states provided that they are in possession of a residence permit;
  • psycho-physical suitability for the professional profile to be filled and the specific duties to be performed;
  • not in retirement;
  • enjoy civil and political rights (not having been excluded from the active and passive political electorate);
  • not to have been dismissed or discharged from employment with a public administration and/or with private entities required to comply with public regulations governing the recruitment of personnel;
  • not to have forfeited employment with a public administration and/or been dismissed form private entities obliged to comply with public regulations on the recruitment of personnel;
  • not in conflict of interest with FITT for having assumed a position or consultancy services against the interests of the Company.

For citizens belonging to one of the Member States of the European Union, fluent knowledge of the Italian language, both written and spoken, will constitute a further eligibility requirement.

Failure to meet one or more of the requirements of this notice will preclude the possibility of participating in the selection.

For the purposes of the assignment of the position, the regime of ineligibility and incompatibilities set forth in Legislative Decree no. 39/2003 and Legislative Decree no. 175/2016 shall be taken into account, insofar as applicable to FITT.


Specific requirements:

  • Master’s Degree.
  • considerable at least 10 years managerial experience, including international experience, in the role or in related positions with proven experience in the management of organisations dedicated to technology transfer processes in the Life Sciences sector, the negotiation of licensing and research contracts, the creation of new business initiatives and the related financing;
  • significant experience in the supervision and coordination of relations with corporate bodies and of corporate control, as well as in the planning of financial activities;
  • fluent knowledge of spoken and written

The prescribed requirements must be possessed on the date of the deadline for submitting the application for participation in the selection.

In accordance with the regulations in force, the search is open to both sexes.


4. Application to participate

The application to participate, drawn up in accordance with the form attached to this notice, must be signed in original by the candidate, including by means of a digital signature, under penalty of ineligibility, and must be accompanied by:

  • a photocopy of a valid identity card or passport;
  • a curriculum vitae in European format, signed in original, with a declaration of consent to the processing of personal data pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679, and demonstrating that the applicant meets the requirements set out in point 2) above;

The declarations made in the application for participation and in the curriculum vitae shall be recognised as self-certification pursuant to and for the purposes of Presidential Decree No. 445/2000 as amended and supplemented. FITT reserves the right, at any stage of the procedure, to verify the truthfulness of the declarations made by the candidate.

Applications shall not be taken into consideration and shall be excluded if:

  • received after the deadlines stipulated in the Notice;
  • incomplete, not duly signed and/or lacking the required information and documentation;
  • they do not comply with the requirements and indications provided under point 3;
  • they contain documentation and information that is not true.

Submission of the application to participate in this procedure constitutes full acceptance of the conditions set out in the notice.

The application to participate must be sent by certified electronic mail (PEC) to the following PEC address: (in which case the documents must be submitted in digitally signed electronic format or in .pdf format that cannot be modified following scanning of the signed paper documentation);

The subject of the certified e-mail must bear the following wording “Notice for the selection of the FITT Director General” and must be received by 12.00 noon on Monday 12 June 2023, under penalty of exclusion.


5. Selection procedures and criteria

The applications received shall be examined by a Commission, composed of persons internal and/or external to the Company with the necessary technical skills and experience in the sector, through the analysis of the curricula vitae and, if necessary, individual interviews, on the basis of the requirements set out in point 3 above and in particular taking into account the professional qualifications, the experience gained in the sector of reference and the technical and specialist skills (in accordance with their relevance to the activities to be performed).

The interview, if required, will aim at ascertaining possession of the knowledge required and listed in this notice.

At the end of the aforementioned activities, the Commission will identify a shortlist of candidates to be submitted for assessment by the founding IRCCSs, whic, in agreement with each other, may propose the candidate they deem most suitable to the Board of Directors. Pursuant to Article 21 of the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors will appoint the Director General, determining the duration and terms of the associated contract.

It is understood that the Board of Directors, at its sole discretion, may in any case decide not to confer any appointment.

The evaluation carried out pursuant to this procedure is exclusively aimed at identifying the contracting party and does not give rise to the formation of any comparative merit ranking.

The result of the selection will be announced by publication on the Foundation’s website.


6. Form of contract

The contract offered is a renewable fixed-term contract (60 months).

The CCNL (Collective Labour Agreement) applied is that for managers in the tertiary sector. The remuneration will be determined by the Board of Directors on the basis of the aforementioned CCNL and in relation to the professional characteristics and experience of the successful candidate.


7. Information on data processing (pursuant to Art. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679)

The personal details supplied by the candidates in the application to participate in the selection, will, pursuant to art. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679, be processed exclusively for the purposes of managing this procedure and the eventual stipulation of the employment contract as per the attached information notice.


8. Final provisions

The Foundation reserves the right, before the deadline, to extend the deadline for the submission of applications, as well as to reopen the deadline, amend, suspend or revoke the procedure for reasons of public interest, or not to implement it in whole or in part, as a result of legislative and/or financial constraints, changes in the organisational requirements of the Company itself or the use of other methods for identifying the most suitable candidate, in accordance with the provisions of its statutes. For further information or clarifications, please contact the Head of the Procedure, Dr Alberto Mina.


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