Apparatus and method for storing a human breath sample


 – Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori –

The invention enable stable and long-term storage of a whole sample of human breath, minimizing the phenomena of contamination and decay of the sample itself.


  • Apparatus and method applicable to large multicenter studies of biomarker discovery and into clinical practice for diagnosis or personalized medicine.
  • Long term storage of samples allows longitudinal analysis and comparison of samples before and after any type of treatment.
  • Method suitable also for environmental, agriculture and veterinary applications or to any application involving the controlled storage of a gas sample for analytical purposes.

Key benefits

  •  Collection of breath in suitable, simple and tiny sterile long term storage system.
  • Protection from contamination by external agents.
  • Release of the stored breath via an easy-to-implement system into the designed analytical apparatus for its analysis through a device able to offer a controlled release of the content.


  • Licensing out.
  • Co-Development.

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